Gantz rejects Netanyahu's unity deal

Blue and White party says PM's 'path is not for unity but for immunity.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz

Blue and White Party Chairman MK Benny Gantz rejected the plan to establish a unity government proposed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"I received an offer today that I can't help but refuse. We will wait for the President's mandate and begin serious negotiations for the establishment of a liberal unity government that will lead to change and restore hope to the citizens of Israel," said Gantz.

The Blue and White party stated that "the conduct of the outgoing prime minister even during the last period indicates that his path is not to unity but to immunity."

"Even today he is not ready to enter into direct negotiations, and today he is also unwilling to acknowledge that most Israeli citizens have elected a liberal unity government, without the extremists. That is why the Blue and White party is the largest faction in the Knesset."

The Likud party responded: "Gantz once again succumbed to the dictates of Lapid and Liberman - and has become a serial refuser to prevent the establishment of a national unity government. Gantz refused the president's outline, refused to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, refused to meet with negotiating teams, and now refuses the prime minister's compromise outline."

"Lapid-Liberman and Gantz are leading the way towards a minority government that relies on the Arab parties and when they fail to do so, will force the State into new elections."

Earlier, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu presented a proposal for a framework for a coalition agreement on religious and state issues to Blue and White leader Benny Gantz which has also been accepted by the haredi parties.

The framework includes the approval of the recruitment law according to the "Atias framework" - that is, in the form that the of Defense Ministry initiated but the targets will be defined by a government decision and not through legislation.

The framework also includes a provision for an absolute status quo on matters of religion and state - a freeze on new religious legislation.

In addition, the proposal also includes a formal agreement of the haredi parties to sit together with Blue and White #2 Yair Lapid. According to the report, the proposal was presented to Blue and White with the knowledge of the haredi parties.