Watch: Arabs dump waste on Temple Mount

Arab street cleaner vehicle dumps waste collected during cleaning on Temple Mount.

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Dumping waste on Temple Mount
Dumping waste on Temple Mount
Michael Miller

A group of Jews visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Monday morning filmed an Arab-operated street cleaner vehicle dumping waste on the holy site.

The Jewish visitors spotted the Arab street cleaner vehicle unloading waste it had collected onto an area of the Temple Mount which had served as the Ezrat Nashim (Women’s Section) in the Jewish Temple.

“This morning, Jews filmed an incident which occurred on the Temple Mount during a routine visit: a garbage truck operated by the Waqf dumped its contents intentionally on the place where the Temple stood,” said Arnon Segal, a member of the Temple Heritage Foundation.

“It has become so common for them to disrespect that which is most holy to us that we don’t even protest it. Needless to say, this also violates numerous laws, which Israel doesn’t even enforce on the Temple Mount, because it is too busy following Jews who want to pray on the Mount. This year the time has come to put an end to this desecration of this holy place.”