Samaria breaks the record for blood donations

More than 1350 units of blood are donated by soldiers and civilians at the MDA donation base at the Samaria Regional Division.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 9:23 PM

Donating blood
Donating blood
Credit: IDF spokesperson

More than 1,350 units of blood were donated on Sunday at a huge MDA blood donation station at the Samaria Regional Division, led by Brigadier General Colonel Sagiv Dahan.

The goal of the initiative was to break the Israeli record that currently stands at 780 units of blood in one fundraiser. Once the record is broken, organizers hope to collect more than a thousand units of blood.

The operation included 100 MDA blood donors, which included volunteers as well as soldiers from the reserve battalion of Magen David Adom's blood services unit.

As part of the operation, the base opened its doors to the soldiers of the brigade and residents of the Samaritan Regional Council who came to donate blood, among other ways, through transportation provided by the regional council.

Col. Sagiv Dahan, Brigadier General of Samaria, said: "It's exciting to see the response and devotion of the communities and see how many people came [to donate blood]."

Eli Bean, MDA Director-General said: "I would like to sincerely thank the commander of the Samaria Regional Council, Colonel Sagiv Dahan, for the initiative and fundraising. There is great importance in blood donation operations which are necessary for saving lives, especially on holidays where there is a lack of blood. The collaboration with the IDF complements its value as the "people's army." I invite everyone who serves or lives in the Samaria area to take part in the initiative and come donate blood."