Israeli woman arrested in Egypt en route to Sinai

23-year-old Israeli woman heading to Sinai for vacation arrested by Egyptian police after bullets found in her bag.

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Taba, in the Sinai near border with Israel
Taba, in the Sinai near border with Israel

A 23-year-old Israeli woman was arrested in Egypt and held for more than 40 hours after she entered the country from Israel at the Taba checkpoint on the border between Eilat and the Sinai Peninsula.

The woman was arrested by Egyptian police after border control agents found M-16 bullets left over from the woman’s mandatory army service in her guitar bag.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry and Israel’s diplomatic mission in Egypt contacted Egyptian authorities following the woman’s arrest.

The woman was brought before a judge in Nuweibaa in the Sinai Peninsula, and was later freed. She returned to Israel immediately after being released.

Following the incident in Taba, Israel’s Foreign Ministry called on tourists planning on traveling abroad to carefully check all of their luggage to ensure that they are not carrying any prohibited items.