Body of Jewish millionaire found in sewerage

Body of Tob Cohen, 71, discovered in his home's sewage drain.

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The body of Tob Cohen, a 71-year-old Dutch-Jewish businessman and millionaire, was found hidden in his home's sewage drain in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cohen, a Dutch Jew, went missing

According to Yediot Aharonot, Cohen went missing approximately two months ago, and his Kenyan wife claimed that he had traveled to Thailand.

However, a week and a half ago, his body was found in the sewerage in his home. His body showed signs of violence, and local police believe that he was brutally murdered. His wife, Sarah Wairimu Kamotho, was arrested last month, and police say she is the main suspect in his murder.

Wairimu Kamotho has denied the allegations.

After several delays, Cohen was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Kenya. The preparation for burial, the funeral, and the burial itself were organized by Yaakov Maimon and Rabbi Shmulik Notik of Chabad in Kenya.