Levin: We are prepared to accept President's arrangement

Likud negotiating team head: 'We understand if we go to unity government with Blue and White, Netanyahu won't be PM entire term.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Yariv Levin
Yariv Levin
Hezki Baruch

Likud coalition negotiating team head and Rightist bloc joint negotiating team leader Tourism Minister Yariv Levin blamed Blue and White for lack of seriousness in negotiating with the Likud.

In a Galei Tzahal interview Levin addressed the planned negotiation meeting tomorrow and said, "For us, this is a very serious meeting. If it depended on me it would have been a third or fourth meeting. I really hope that at least tomorrow happens."

Levin clarified that in negotiations he represents not only the Likud but all the Rightist parties that signed for joint negotiations: "I always represent the Likud. In this case I represent not only the Likud but all the 55 Knesset Members of the Rightist parties who recommended Netanyahu agreed to go to negotiations together.

"I suggest we not be naïve, because the purpose of what Blue and White is doing so far is not to reach negotiations but to destroy unity within the Right-leaning camp," Levin disclosed.

Levin explained the insistence on conducting joint negotiations, saying, "Of course, we promised on the eve of the election that we would go to a Rightist government with all our partners. We don't have a majority for a Rightist government but we can certainly go with all the partners and that's what we're doing and will do."

Later on, Levin made it clear that the Likud is ready and willing to conduct negotiations based on the arrangement presented by President Rivlin last night in the President's House, "We think the direction he proposed is correct; we need to work on the details.

"We understand that if we go to a unity government with Blue and White, then Netanyahu will not be Prime Minister the entire term," Levin continued. "It's time that even in Blue and White they realize there's no other government and no other alternative. It's not what we prayed for but it's much better than third elections, that everything must be done to prevent."