Pop star Demi Lovato meets with Shalva band in Jerusalem

During trip to Israel, pop star Demi Lovato visits Shalva Center for people with special needs in Jerusalem, meets with Shalva band.

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Demi Lovato during visit to Shalva
Demi Lovato during visit to Shalva
Imbar Marshall

American pop music star Demi Lovato visited the Shalva Center in Jerusalem, during her trip to Israel.

Last Thursday, Lovato was spotted at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, during an unpublicized visit to the Jewish state.

On Sunday, the Shalva Center in Jerusalem said in a statement that Lovato had visited the center, hosted by Shalva Chairman Avi Samuels.

During her visit to the center, which provides services and support to children and adults with special needs, Lovato made a bead necklace, watched young children during a water treatment session in the center’s pool.

The singer also met with the center’s Shalva band, and heard how her music had helped inspire them to make their own rendition of the song ‘Here Comes The Sun’.