'Illegal operation to bring Bedouin voters to the polls'

Im Tirtzu reveals leftist activists organizing rides for Bedouin voters, in violation of orders given by chair of Election Committee.

Shimon Cohen ,

The call center
The call center
Im Tirtzu

The Central Election Committee banned the group “Zazim” from carrying out organized shuttling of voters from Bedouin villages. Nevertheless, according to the testimony of Tom Nissani, an activist coordinator at the Zionist “Im Tirtzu” group, such activity is indeed taking place.

"We received information that, despite the ruling of Justice Melcer, the chairman of the Election Committee, who banned transporting voters for a certain list, there is an organization that bypasses this order and does so without mentioning the explicit name of the organization, ‘Zazim,’" Nissani told Arutz Sheva.

"At nine in the morning, we reached a point in the south, a gas station where they were somehow granted permission to sit. We saw activity of dozens of left-wing activists from various organizations that had opened a call center there. There were activists from various organizations with laptops and spreadsheets [with lists of people] classified by color for transportation. These spreadsheets apparently were transferred to them from the Zazim organization, because it is impossible to organize such an operation in one day. We essentially caught them in the act of violating the judge's order and interfering in the election illegally."

The meeting between Im Tirtzu and left-wing activists developed into a confrontation which Nissani described: "We exposed their illegal activities and took pictures. They were very surprised and reacted violently, including by pushing, and we contacted police over this but, more importantly, police forces arrived and collected ID cards from all those present at the telephone center, letting them know they would open an investigation."

"They denied and tried to claim that it was not organized but spontaneous, which of course was false, and police, I hope, will do what is necessary to prevent this election bias."

Im Tirtzu also forwarded a complaint to the Central Election Committee alongside the complaint to police. "The ball is in their court. This affects the results of the elections and is not allowed according to election laws."