'Trump's plan talks about a Palestinian state in Area C'

Yamina chairwoman Ayelet Shaked speaks at special Arutz Sheva briefing on the night before the elections.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shaked speaks at special Arutz Sheva briefing on the night before the elections
Shaked speaks at special Arutz Sheva briefing on the night before the elections
Arutz Sheva

Yamina chairwoman Ayelet Shaked spoke on Monday at a special election eve briefing organized by Arutz Sheva, Dr. Joe Frager and Chovevei Zion with Fox News senior anchor Pete Hegseth.

“The Prime Minister wants, as a first step, to have a right-wing government, but I assume he’ll want to add [Benny] Gantz and Amir Peretz to his government if he gets 61 seats. If not, no one know what will happen. In any case, we will not go to elections for a third time,” she said.

On US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, Shaked said that Netanyahu “told only the parts that are good for Israel, the fact that we’ll apply sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and on most of the Jewish settlements…but the bad thing for us is that actually the plan talks about a Palestinian state in all the other areas. The settlements make up only about 3-4% of Area C. From what we know, Trump’s plan talks about a Palestinian state in Area C and the Jewish settlements will be like balloons in a Palestinian area.”

“We, of course, are against it. Let’s see what will be the result of the election. As far as I know, the President said that he will publish the plan right after the election. I assume that he will present the plan before Netanyahu establishes a government, and the plan will be like an invitation to the left to enter his government,” she added.

Asked what is driving her to continue running for the Knesset, Shaked replied, “Before the last election, when we didn’t pass the threshold, I already found a very good job in the private sector with a lot of money and a more comfortable life, and it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but my passion is not to make money but to make Israel a better place to be and to fight for the values that I believe in.”

She stressed the importance of talking about Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria also in the United States.

“I have been talking about it for seven years in the United States and it’s very important to talk about it in the United States.”

One of the organizers of the trip, Dr. Joe Frager, told Arutz Sheva Shaked's concerns were understandable.

"I fully understand Ayelet Shaked’s concerns. She is a great fighter for Israel and I wish her and Yamina well in the elections. I pray for a formidable and strong right-wing coalition as well. President Trump has been and will be The best president ever for Israel and the Jewish people. He deserves our utmost respect and support. Although I am concerned about some of the details of his peace plan, I know he will stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and continue his unwavering and amazing support of the Jewish state."