An inside look at the 'Jewish Extremists' of Yitzhar

Often maligned as a "bastion" of Jewish radicalism, the town of Yitzhar in Samaria doesn't quite match up with its reputation.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Road sign near Yitzhar
Road sign near Yitzhar
Esti Dasibov/TPS

Yitzhar, a small Jewish community in the hills of Samaria, is home to just 1,600 people.

And yet the town often finds itself in the news – including international news – usually with unflattering coverage portraying it as a bastion of “radical Israeli settlers” promoting a “fringe right-wing” ideology.

Dubbed the “mountain of crazies” by its Arab neighbors, Yitzhar has gotten a reputation as a dangerous fundamentalist enclave even outside of Israel.

But is that reputation deserved?

Boomerang visited Yitzhar recently, and while meeting with the locals, discovered that the community has the highest proportion of kidney donors of any town or city in Israel.