'Joint List chairman hurt the Arab sector with his antics'

Knesset Speaker accuses Joint list chairman Ayman Odeh of 'attack' after he gets in PM's face to take pictures with cell phone.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein addressed the incident in which Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh approached the Prime Minister and photographed him with a cell phone during a discussion on the camera bill.

"What Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh did yesterday as nothing less than an attack on the Arab public and coexistence," Edelstein said at a pre-election conference of the Israel Democracy Institute and the Yigal Alon Center.

"When you create a provocation, when you watch an incident that has not been seen in the Knesset for years and how he almost created contact with the prime minister, and say: 'look at these people.' It's really an attack," Edelstein added.

"Those who want coexistence should remember that there are two components: to do everything for equality and also to fight the extremists who repeatedly try to hurt coexistence," Edelstein concluded.