Ayelet Shaked's husband: 'She's a super-politician'

Yamina Party Chairwoman's husband has nothing but praise for the woman at his side.

Mordechai Sones ,

Ophir Shaked with wife Ayelet
Ophir Shaked with wife Ayelet

Ophir Shaked, husband of the Yamina Party Chairwoman, granted a rare interview with Aviad Pohorils in the Shishabbat supplement.

"Ayelet's made of the stuff prime ministers are made of. She's motivated by the right issues, values, ​​and ideology. She's a politician who knows how to connect people, speaks at eye level, and knows how to make decisions in a cool and amazing way. In short, she's got it."

Shaked, a reserve major and recently fighter pilot in the Air Force, now serves as flight instructor at the Hatzerim Air Force Base, and in his spare time supports his wife's turbulent political career.

The nature of his military career, but especially his preference for staying behind the scenes, makes Shaked one of the most intriguing figures in Israeli politics, even if it is forced upon him.

In an interview held at the Shaked family home in Tel Aviv, Ophir, who grew up in Kibbutz Gonen and was educated in the values ​​of the Labor Party and supporting Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres in the 1992 and 1996 elections, discussed when and how he became ideologically disillusioned and moved to the right side of the political map: "When talking about the disengagement [-from Gaza communities], I was initially in favor of the process. It is to Ayelet's credit that she believed Gaza would become a terror state after a withdrawal. She was absolutely right."

Shaked said he never met Sara Netanyahu, and had one meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, during the time Ayelet served as his bureau chief: "He turned to me and asked 'Oh, you're the suffering one?'

Ophir Shaked's full interview with Aviad Pohorils will be published tomorrow (Friday) in the Shishabbat supplement of Israel Hayom.

'Super politician' Shaked
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