Tough Israeli gambling regulations and how to play by the rules

Companies that operate outside the country’s jurisdiction provide platforms that can be utilized by Israelis who want to gamble.


Toto gambling machine
Toto gambling machine
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Israel is a pacesetter on many fronts, but when it comes to gambling, the country that is renowned for its rich history, which many religions trace their roots to, has taken a backseat. For many people who visit the country that is popular as an exotic tourist destination, there is always the assumption that one can easily pop into a brick and mortar casino to place a wager. However, the locals will be quick to tell you that the country has strict laws when it comes to gambling and that for a long time, there have been lots of legal battles to make the activity acceptable.

Generally, the country has two extremes on matters pertaining to gambling as on the one hand there are politicians and a section of the public advocating for the legalization of casino gambling. On the other hand, the religious groups and security forces are keen on ensuring that the Israeli Penal Law 5737 of 1977, which banned gambling, is implemented. Still, there is an interesting aspect to gambling activities in the country as apparently the law majorly focuses on casinos and does not explicitly address online gambling. There is also the fact that there are two forms of gambling that are 100% legal in the country and are regulated by the government and these are:

1. The National Lottery, also known as the Mifal Hapayis. This lottery was launched in 1951, and it largely revolves around weekly subscription lottery, scratch cards, and many other raffles. The operations of the national lottery are regulated and monitored by the Ministry of Finance.

2. National sports betting. Ever since the Israel Sports Betting Board was established in 1967, they have had the rights to supervise and regulate sports betting in the country. This provides sports fans with an avenue where they can enjoy their favorite games while expecting to win from their bets.

The limiting factors for these gambling activities that are allowed in Israel are that many people who have tried out other forms of gambling are held back from enjoying their favorite pass time. Nonetheless, this does not completely lock out the residents of the country from getting the chance to try out other kinds of gambling. The solution has come on the form of online gambling, whereby companies that operate outside the country’s jurisdiction provide platforms that can be utilized by Israel players. This has been made possible by the fact that there are no prohibitions on Israel citizens who get to use these platforms, as long as they are not locally based companies.

As matters on gambling in Israel continue to be an area that is dominated by lots of rules that must never be broken, platforms like betFIRST Casino are the go-to solution for locals who want pleasures of hassle-free gambling. Instead of resorting to the illegal gambling dens that sooner or later will be discovered and where there are unregulated risks, the internet comes to the rescue for all adults who want the casino experience. Ultimately, these platforms help in bridging the gap between abiding by the rules while having unlimited fun as one is relaxing.