UK summons Iranian ambassador

UK govt. condemns Iran for violating its promise not to deliver oil to Syrian entities under EU sanctions.

Gary Willig ,

UK PM Boris Johnson
UK PM Boris Johnson

The British government has summoned the Iranian Ambassador to the United Kingdom over an Iranian oil tanker which violated EU sanctions on Syria.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab accused Iran of violating its promise that the Adrian Darya 1 would not deliver oil to any entities in Syria which are subject to EU sanctions.

"Iran has shown complete disregard for its own assurances over Adrian Darya 1," Raab said.

"This sale of oil to Assad’s brutal regime is part of a pattern of behavior by the Government of Iran designed to disrupt regional security. This includes illegally supplying weapons to Houthi insurgents in Yemen, support for Hezbollah terrorists and most recently its attempts to hijack commercial ships passing through the Gulf.

"We want Iran to come in from the cold but the only way to do that is to keep its word and comply with the rules based international system," Raab concluded.

The British government announced that it would raise the issue of Iran's violations of sanctions and international norms at the United Nations later this month.