New mikvah in Efrat: 'More women will keep family purity'

New and magnificent ritual bath inaugurated in Gush Etzion town. Religious Affairs Minister: 'Issue of mikvahs has improved recently.'

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Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

Vaknin with Revivi
Vaknin with Revivi
Efrat locat council spokesperson

A new and magnificent mikvah, or ritual bath, was inaugurated Monday in the Gush Etzion town of Efrat, in the presence of Minister for Religious Services Yitzhak Vaknin, Director of his office Attorney Oded Plos, Head of the Efrat Local Council Oded Revivi, Director of the Religious Council Bob Lang and Director of the Efrat Foundation Shmil Atlas.

The mikvah includes a magnificent lobby, four advanced rooms for preparation and the bath itself. During the tour, Minister Vaknin expressed excitement and satisfaction over the high standard.

"Such mikvahs will cause more and more women to maintain family purity," Vaknin said. "When I came into this role, I talked to all kinds of people, the most important people talked to me about the status of the mikvahs. I took it upon myself to devote myself to the subject.”

“I tell you that things have improved in the whole country in recent years. This isn’t politics, this isn’t empty promises. I am careful about issues that are related to observance of the mitzvot [commandments of the Torah]. I will do everything to help the local council of Efrat to build another mikvah in the new neighborhood," he promised, after Revivi noted the need to build, as soon as possible, another mikvah in the northern part of Efrat, where 1,250 housing units have been built in the last three years.