Hazan's punishment: 100 hours public service

Court sentences former MK Oren Hazan to half sentence requested by prosecution after admitting to assaulting public servant.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hazan: 100 hours
Hazan: 100 hours
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Former MK Oren Hazan must complete 100 hours public service to be done within a year, Magistrate's Court Judge in Petah Tikva Eliana Danieli decided today.

This, after Hazan pled guilty to assaulting a public servant under a plea bargain and was not convicted. The prosecutor's office asked for a double sentence - 200 hours public service, but the judge rejected it.

The judge accepted some of Hazan's arguments, in which he said had suffered threats and even assaults in many cases. "Hazan experienced the difficulty of dealing with those who were not satisfied with his actions as a elected official."

Hazan said the ruling was fair to him. "There was a message from the court here, that another way is possible, that there is justice. I want to continue serving and not with the persecution that has accompanied me for years."