Ayelet Shaked slams "Fake News" report smearing rabbi

Yamina chief calls for Channel 13 reporter behind doctored video of national-religious rabbi to be punished for report.

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Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
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Two weeks ago, Channel 13 reporter Omri Yaniv presented a lecture given by a rabbi from the Atzomna Mechina (pre-IDF) yeshiva in which he is seen saying that ‘no one should be drafted into the IDF’, and that ‘one should not approach the secular.’ The result was an uproar in the entire country..

On Sunday night, investigative journalist Hanan Amiur of the Presspectiva website revealed the full recording of Rabbi Naumberg's lecture, proving that the Channel 13 reporter had cut parts of the lecture and taken sentences out of context. In the full recording shown by Amiur, the rabbi himself says during the lecture that he is going to playact the part of anti-army and anti-secular people and then proves them wrong..

The partial quotations were taken and presented by Channel 13 News in an obvious attempt to discredit the rabbi and the mechina, formerly headed by Education Minister Rabbi Peretz. in which his lectures were delivered.

Yamina party head Ayelet Shaked slammed the Channel 13 reporter for publicizing Fake News, saying it is part of the war against all religious citizens, promulgated and encouraged by the parties of Avigdor Liberman and Yair Lapid. She said that she does just the opposite - tries to be a bridge between the secular and religious in the Jewish state.

Former Minister Naphtali Bennett said to the television channel: "it turns out that everything is a lie. It is a role-playing game by the rabbi who taught exactly the opposite of what they portrayed him as saying. Shame on you."