British PM demands new elections

British PM Boris Johnson demands new elections in October after Parliament votes to delay Brexit.

Gary Willig ,

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

The British Parliament voted to delay Brexit Wednesday evening. The bill passed with 327 votes to 299 in the House of Commons and will now move to the House of Lords.

The vote was aimed at preventing a no-deal Brexit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson demanded new elections following the vote.

"There is only one way forward for the country," Johnson said. "The House has voted repeatedly to leave the EU but it has also voted to delay actually leaving. Today, I'm afraid it has voted to scupper any serious negotiations."

"The country must decide whether the leader of the opposition or I got to Brussels to sort this out," he added. "If I am prime minister I will try to get a deal. And believe me I know that I can."

"In the view of this government there must now be an election on Tuesday 15 October."

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said in response: "This prime minister claims he has a strategy, but he can't tell us what it is. The bigger problem for him is he can't tell the EU what it is either."

"It is like the emperor's new clothes - there really is absolutely nothing there."