'Failure to build in Hevron a disgrace'

Former MK and Yamina candidate Orit Struck demands PM approve construction for Jewish community in old Hevron market.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Event marking 90 years since Hevron Massacre
Event marking 90 years since Hevron Massacre
Hezki Baruch

Former Knesset Member Orit Struck, a candidate for the Yamina party, criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu for failing to approve construction for the Jewish community in Hevron.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu, you spoke very nicely about historical justice. But you are not a copywriter. You are the prime minister of the Jewish people. You should do, not just talk," Struck said.

She demanded that the prime minister approve construction in the Hevron market complex, "The land of the murdered is waiting for you too long. The killer mayor continues to hold them because you don't send him a simple letter to get them out of his hands. What are you waiting for? This is a disgrace!"

Prime Minister Netanyahu took part earlier in the state ceremony in Hevron marking 90 years since the riots of 1929.

Netanyahu said at the event, "We came to express victory. We returned to our source and that is our victory. Bloodthirsty rioters carried out the horrific massacre 90 years ago. They were sure they were uprooting us from this place once and for all - they were wrong."

Netanyahu addressed the strengthening of settlement in the city, saying, "The Machpela House was populated last week and we are addressing other important issues regarding access to the Cave of the Patriarchs and rights to Jewish property. We do not come to dispossess anyone, but no one will dispossess us. We are not foreigners in Hevron, we will remain here forever."