Missile exploded 50 meters from soldiers

Two of Hezbollah Cornet missiles aimed at military ambulance traveling on northern road contrary to procedures. IDF investigating.

Koby Finkler ,

Lebanon border vigilance
Lebanon border vigilance
Flash 90

A major disaster was averted during the Hezbollah anti-aircraft missile attack on Sunday at IDF forces on the northern border.

Two of the missiles fired from Lebanon were aimed at a Ze'ev-type military ambulance, traveling on the northern road near Yaron, despite the directive not to travel these roads and contrary to all procedures.

The soldiers in the military ambulance were rescued after the missiles exploded 50 meters away.

The IDF is conducting a deep investigation, saying that entire incident could have significantly deteriorated the area situation.

Yesterday, Hezbollah posted on the Al-Manar network a record of the attack on the IDF position on the northern border.