Will US make security pledges to Israel before elections?

US, Israel reportedly negotiating security alliance, Netanyahu hopes for statement on US defense of Israel before September 17 election.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Trump and Netanyahu
Trump and Netanyahu
Photo by Avi Ohayon/GPO

Advanced negotiations have taken place in recent days between the Trump Administration and the Israeli government with the goal of signing a new security agreement before the Israeli elections on September 17, according to a report by News 12.

Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly wants US President Donald Trump to issue a statement pledging to protect Israel from any future existential threat.

This is part of an idea designed to promote a "defense alliance" between Israel and the United States, an idea that was previously shunned by the Americans and is now back in the agenda. Promoting such an alliance would entail going through much bureaucracy, but Netanyahu wants to receive a statement from President Trump prior to the elections in a little over two weeks.

The Trump Administration is reportedly open to a partial alliance, but not the full alliance the Israeli government is seeking. The president may agree to issue a declaration of intent in the coming days, before the details of the agreement could be worked out.

Trump would not be required to seek council or approval from Congress if he decided to issue the declaration.