The Iranian general in command of the drone squad

General Javad Ghaffari is the commander responsible for Iran's attempted drone attack against Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

General Javad Ghaffari
General Javad Ghaffari
IDF spokesperson

General Javad Ghaffari, under the direct command of the 'Quds Force' Commander Qasem Soleimani, is the commander responsible for the drone attack on Israel over the weekend.

Ghaffari, a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War, is one of the leaders of the 'Quds Force' - the secret force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards operating around the globe. Ghaffari currently serves as the commander of the Iranian forces in Syria and leads the Iranian entrenchment efforts in Syria.

Under Ghaffari are tens of thousands of Shiites of various nations operating throughout Syria, including in Damascus, Aleppo and eastern Syria. Ghaffari recruited the activists, trained them and supervised the execution of the attack. The activists, Yasser Ahmad Daher, Hassan Youssef Zbib and two other Lebanese activists were trained to use drones in Iran, tried to launch killer drones into Israeli territory from the Arneh area on the night of 22-23/8, and were attacked on their way to make another launching attempt, on the night of 24/8.

This week, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit launched its social media pages in the Farsi language. These pages were opened on the leading platforms in Iran: Twitter, Telegram and Instagram, under the name "Israel Defense Forces".

For the first time, the IDF is launching official social media platforms for the Iranian public. With the opening of the Farsi accounts, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit will be operating social media accounts in six languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Farsi. These accounts have millions of followers around the globe and they serve as important public relations tools for multiple target audiences.