Iran: No talks with Trump until all sanctions lifted

Iranian president rejects Trump's claim there is a 'very good chance' the two will meet, ruling out any talks until sanctions lifted.

David Rosenberg ,

Hassan Rouhani
Hassan Rouhani

Iran’s president ruled out the possibility of meeting with President Donald Trump unless all sanctions against Tehran are unilaterally lifted by the US.

President Hassan Rouhani responded Tuesday to comments by Trump that there was a “very good chance” that the two leaders would meet for talks aimed at achieving a long-term agreement between the US and Iran which would provide some sanctions relief in exchange for an end to Iran’s nuclear program and ballistic missiles development.

"Iran is not the same country that was two and a half years ago," Trump said Monday at the G-7 conference in Biarritz, France.

"Iran was the number one terrorist sponsor in the world. When I took office, there were 18 friction centers in the world backed by Iran, at the very least financed by Iran. They used money from the agreement for bad purposes."

But Rouhani on Tuesday said Iran would not negotiate with the US until all sanctions on the Islamic republic were lifted.

While Rouhani said he was prepared to talk with the US, he was adamant that Iran would not budge on its precondition for any talks.

“But first the U.S. should act by lifting all illegal, unjust and unfair sanctions imposed on Iran,” Rouhani said on Iranian state television Tuesday.

“Washington has the key for positive change ... So take the first step ... Without this step, this lock will not be unlocked.”

The Iranian leader insisted that his country was committed to peace in the Middle East.

“Iran does not seek tension with the world. We want security in the Middle East. We want better and friendly ties with other countries.”