Haredi party promises law bypassing Supreme Court

New UTJ campaign warns Supreme Court will continue 'interfering' in haredi community's lives.

Hezki Baruch, Chana Roberts ,

Haredim (illustrative)
Haredim (illustrative)

A new campaign by the Ashkenazi-haredi UTJ party warns voters that only UTJ will be able to ensure the haredi lifestyle.

In the 53-second video clip, the party warns: "They interfere in our lives. They force their way into our lives. They'll reach us in the yeshivas and kollels (yeshivas for married men)."

"Only a law to bypass the Supreme Court will reign in the rule of the Supreme Court, which threatens our lifestyle - in our studies, at events, and our holiest ones.

"Only a law bypassing the Supreme Court will allow us to lead our lives in accordance with Jewish law and traditions. When the moment of truth comes - UTJ."

In the previous Knesset, the Jewish Home party attempted to pass the Override Clause, an addition to the the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty which would allow the Knesset to re-enact a law previously rejected by the Supreme Court. The bill did not go forward, however, with Knesset members claiming that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was the one delaying it.

Watch the Hebrew video here: