Two Israeli Arabs indicted for supporting ISIS

ISIS content found on computers, including training and methods for preparing weapons, carrying out attacks.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Last month, the Shin Bet and police arrested two Muslim Tamra residents on suspicion of carrying out anti-state security activities on behalf of the ISIS Islamic organization. An indictment was filed against the two.

The two are Amin Yassin - 22, a medical student in Slovakia and Ali Armush - 28, who was previously suspected and investigated for committing security crimes in connection with ISIS.

The Shin Bet investigation revealed that the two support ISIS and even see themselves as its envoys, with the goal of establishing an Islamic Caliphate in Israel.

As part of their efforts to promote the goals of the Islamic organization, the two suspects helped spread its ideology among other people.

In their investigation, the Shin Bet and the Israeli police also discovered that the two downloaded numerous files containing significant ISIS content, including training and methods for preparing weapons and carrying out Islamic attacks, in order to carry out them at an appropriate time.