Birthright suspends all activity in Gaza periphery

Taglight Birthright orders tour groups away from Gaza-area communities amid security tensions in the south.

Gary Willig ,

site of rocket impact
site of rocket impact
MDA spokesperson

The Birthright organization, which brings Diaspora Jews on free trips to Israel, has instructed its tour groups not to conduct any activities in the Gaza periphery in light of recent security tensions.

Birthright security director Daniel Greenberg sent an email to tour leaders and organizers in which he wrote: "Dear organizer, please note - following the events of the weekend, it was decided to limit the movement of birthright groups in Gaza

Four rockets were fired at Israel from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip over the weekend, one on Friday night and three on Saturday night. The Israeli Air Force responded by attacking Hamas infrastructure.

On Saturday night the IDF killed three terrorists who were attempting to infiltrate into Israel.