Democratic Union attacks education minister for teaching Judaism

Democratic Union party says Education Minister Peretz attempting to 'brainwash' children by expanding teaching of Jewish texts in schools.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Rafi Peretz
Rabbi Rafi Peretz
David Weil

The Democratic Union slammed Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz Sunday following reports that Peretz would increase the amount of focus on Judaism in the state educational system.

"The education minister this morning is moving a system meant to educate our system another step towards a system devoted to brainwashing," the party said in a statement.

"The same education minister who introduced the racist Nationality Law into the high school curriculum this past weekend also prefers not to address the high number of students in classrooms, improve the status of teachers in Israel or strengthen the system - it's just religion and more religion," it added.

According to the report, Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz initiated a significant expansion program for "Israeli Jewish culture" classes in state schools.

As part of the program, Hebrew classes for grades 1 and 2 will include more texts on Judaism and Jewish heritage. Schools will receive thousands of extra hours to study the curriculum. Schools that promote innovative initiatives in the field will receive financial grants.

Rabbi Peretz explained the decision to Galai Tzahal (army Radio): "The connection to our heritage and history is the bedrock of our existence and is the glue that connects us as a society. We have the duty of education to safeguard it."

"Judaism is an ocean of wisdom. Students will be exposed to many values, morals and love. These values ​​will help us establish a more values ​​and moral society here," Rabbi Peretz added.