Shaul family to Netanyahu: Bring the boys home

Family of soldier Oron Shaul holds march in Tel Aviv to demand the PM bring their son home.

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The Shaul family
The Shaul family
Moti Nachman

A march was held in Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon in which masks were distributed with the face of IDF soldier Oron Shaul, whose body has been held by Hamas, together with that of Hadar Goldin, for five years.

Zehava Shaul, Oron’s mother, said, "Netanyahu, a concrete proposal from Egypt, backed by the United States, has been placed in front of you. Hamas is ready to play its part. It is up to you, bring the boys home. It is your responsibility."

"In my opinion, it is the civil duty of every citizen in the country to demand this. I, Oron's mother, am asking for a basic thing from the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister, and unfortunately he is not listening,” she added.

“I will not rest until I see my son returning home to his homeland which he set out to defend on orders from the army and the state. I call on you, the citizens of Israel, help me. Remember Oron, talk about him at the Shabbat dinner table, demand that Netanyahu bring him back.”

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