Smotrich not dismissed from government

PM meets with Transport Minister after criticism; Netanyahu refrains from dismissing Smotrich or ousting from Cabinet.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Transport Minister Betzalel Smotrich today, in light of the clashes between them in the past day.

No further details were provided, but Minister Smotrich was not dismissed from the government.

Earlier, MKs in the Likud and haredi parties suggested that Netanyahu settle for Smotrich's dismissal from the Cabinet and not the government.

According to another report, Netanyahu spoke with Shas Chairman Arie Deri about his intention to fire Smotrich. "Smotrich is wrong and should be reprimanded, but it would be a mistake to fire him. He's a good coalition partner," said Deri.

Netanyahu initially closed, then reopened the Temple Mount to Jewish visitors Sunday after Arab rioters clashed with police at the holy site.

Smotrich blasted Netanyahu over the initial closure, later saying the pressure on Netanyahu was key to the site’s reopening.

Later on Sunday, Smotrich lambasted Netanyahu and his government for failing to intervene after the Nazareth District Court barred a haredi concert in Afula from having gender-separate seating.

According to Dr. Ofer Koenig's research from the Israeli Democracy Institute, there was no authority for the Prime Minister to fire ministers in the past, and in extreme cases the entire government had to resign in order to fire one minister.

In 1962, the law was amended and the Prime Minister was given the authority to dismiss ministers. Since then, 22 ministers have been fired. Prime Minister Sharon made the most widespread use of the dismissal authority, when he dismissed eight ministers.