Watch: Terrorists who murdered Dvir Sorek captured

Video shows Israeli arrest operation which caught two terrorists - responsible for murder of Dvir Sorek - asleep in their beds.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Capture of the terrorists
Capture of the terrorists
Police spokesperson

Israeli police released footage Sunday evening from the arrest operation which led to the capture of two Palestinian Authority terrorists suspected in the murder of IDF soldier and hesder yeshiva student Dvir Sorek.

Two of the those arrested, who were found in their beds, are Nassir Salah Khalil Issafara, 24, and Qassam Aaraf Khalil Issafara, 30. Neither of them were able to reach their weapons and act against the security forces.

The terrorists' identities were known to security forces from an early stage in the investigation. They were found mostly by analysis of security cameras in the area.

During their arrest, a violent riot erupted in the village, with approximately 100 Palestinian Authority residents throwing rocks at Israeli security forces. The security forces responded with riot dispersal techniques.