3rd complaint filed against daycare provider in southern Israel

Parents complain of abuse, negligence, in supervised, subsidized Na'amat daycare. Na'amat: 'We will not tolerate violence.'

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Abused toddler (illustrative)
Abused toddler (illustrative)

A third complaint was filed Monday against a daycare provider in southern Israel, Kan Bet reported.

Police are currently investigating the daycare provider, who is employed in a supervised, subsidized Na'amat daycare in the southern city of Dimona.

According to the parents' complaint, their two-year-old daughter is no longer toilet-trained and has begun pulling out her hair, acting violently, and talking about a "punishment shed."

"Our children never came back from daycare with so many bruises or expressed specific fear of a daycare provider," the parents said. "This is a girl who talks about everything, but she won't talk about daycare."

Other parents have also complained about unexplained bruises their children received in daycare, as well as of negligence. Recently, two complaints were filed against the same daycare worker.

Two weeks ago, a daycare worker was fired due to inappropriate conduct towards one of the children.

Na'amat responded: "Na'amat shows zero tolerance towards violent acts in the daycares which it supervises, and that is how we will continue to act. We will not tolerate any kind of violence from any direction - not against the children, and not as part of a 'field martial' against one of the daycare providers. Since, as we understand, parents have complained to the police, Na'amat cannot investigate complaints which it has not yet seen.

On Monday, reports said a Tel Aviv daycare provider was being investigated for abuse. Last week, police issued a restraining order against three daycare providers in the central city of Rosh Ha'ayin. Earlier this month, 25-year-old Carmel Mauda, also of Rosh Ha'ayin, admitted to abusing children in her care.