UK woman to be indicted after admitting she faked rape claims

19-year-old British woman explains motive for falsely accusing Israeli teens of gang rape, faces indictment Monday.

David Rosenberg ,

Two of the suspects taken into custody in Cyprus
Two of the suspects taken into custody in Cyprus

A 19-year-old British woman who claimed that she was gang raped by a dozen Israeli teens, only to recant her accusation, will be indicted Monday by authorities in Cyprus, after she confessed to making false claims to police.

On Sunday, seven Israeli teenagers still held in custody in Cyprus were released and permitted to fly back home to Israel, after the accuser, a British tourist, admitted to Cypriot authorities that she had fabricated claims of an hour-long gang rape at the hands of a dozen Israeli tourists.

According to AFP, the woman made the admission of her own free will, and explained to investigators that she had filed the false complaint because she was “angry and insulted” that some of the Israeli teenagers had recorded their sexual encounters with her. The woman admitted that the encounters were consensual, but said she sought revenge after the encounters were filmed.

Five of the Israeli teens were released Thursday and permitted to return to Israel, after they were found to have clear alibis which proved they could not have been at the scene of the alleged crime.

A Cypriot police official told AFP Sunday that the British tourist would be held liable for criminal charges for her false complaint to authorities.

"She is facing charges of giving a false statement over an imaginary offense," the police source told AFP.

Attorney Yiannis Habaris, who represented two of the Israeli teenagers, said the British woman had been arrested, and would be indicted on public nuisance charges.