Likud rules out unity government

Following comments by Likud officials backing unity government with Blue & White, party issues memo saying Likud won't join unity government

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu

The Likud party has ruled out forming a unity government with the Blue and White party, an internal party memo says, instructing party officials not to speak out in favor of a unity government.

Recently, some Likud officials, including MK Nir Barkat, have publicly endorsed the formation of a unity government after the September 17th election.

According to a report by Israel Hayom on Friday, however, the Likud party has pushed back against those statements, and issued a memo instructing party officials that the Likud has ruled out the possibility of forming a unity government.

“It is important for the Likud to be large,” the memo reads, instructing party officials what talking points to focus on during public appearances.

“We’ve seen what happens when the Likud isn’t large enough. A vote for the Likud is a vote for a right-wing government led by Netanyahu.”

The memo went on to say that “The Likud will not be a partner in a unity government.”

The party also denied that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was involved in negotiations between several small right-wing parties, including the New Right and United Right.

“The Prime Minister is not involved at the moment in the matter of alliances on the Right. If it will become necessary, he will intervene. It is important to prevent right-wing votes from being wasted, so as to ensure that we do not weaken the right-wing bloc and potentially force yet another round of elections.”