North Korea fires short range projectile

North Korea launches short range projectile from the Wonson area.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

North Korea launched at least one short range projectile on Wednesday, CNN reported, citing to an initial assessment described by a US defense official.

The official added that the launch appears to resemble the May 2019 firing of two short-range missiles, which traveled approximately 260 miles.

The South Korean military told CNN it was fired from the Wonson area.

"Our military, in preparation for additional launches, is maintaining (its) readiness posture by monitoring related movements," an official in the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff office said.

The incident comes as North Korea and the US continue their efforts to achieve denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

US President Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last month, becoming the first US president to step onto North Korean soil at the demilitarized zone. He said the two leaders agreed to start working-level talks on a denuclearization deal.

Nuclear talks between the US and North Korea broke down after the failed summit between Kim and Trump in February in Vietnam.

Trump abruptly ended that summit with Kim, explaining that, while "we had a productive time," no deal was signed.

He said at the time that Kim had asked for total removal of sanctions before denuclearization, something to which the US could not agree.

Trump indicated recently that he is “in no rush” to make a deal with North Korea to get it to dismantle its nuclear weapons program, though he touted what he called his positive relationship with Kim.