Journalists from Saudi Arabia, Iraq to visit Israel

The Foreign Ministry is hosting a delegation of journalists from Arab countries this week.

Nitzan Keidar ,

Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem
Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem
Credit: Flash 90

The Foreign Ministry is hosting a delegation of six media personalities from Arab countries this week, the first to include journalists from Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The delegation will visit Yad Vashem, the Knesset and the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

Its members will meet with Knesset members, senior Foreign Ministry officials and academic lecturers. They will tour the north of the country and also visit Tel Aviv.

The arrival of the delegation to Israel was initiated by the Foreign Ministry's Spokesperson's Division, whose goal is to expose to the journalists, some of whom come from countries with which Israel has no relations, to Israeli positions on political and geopolitical issues, and to provide them an unmediated view of the multi-variegated Israeli society.