US briefs Israel on naval response to Iran

Israeli representative participates in meeting with US Special Envoy to Iran on American response to Iranian aggression.

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Oil tankers pass through Strait of Hormuz
Oil tankers pass through Strait of Hormuz

This morning, an Israeli representative was reported to have participated in a briefing and discussion by US Special Envoy to Iran, Brian Hook, on the naval defense operation in the Persian Gulf that the US administration is undertaking in response to recent acts of Iranian aggression.

The briefing was attended by representatives from various countries who were briefed on "Operation Sentinel." The American goal is to establish a multinational force of countries to protect ships in the region, It is still not clear which countries will join the force.

"American representatives are working with elements from the Middle East, Europe and Asia to formulate the details," the Centcom Central Command said in a statement.

The invitation of the Israeli representative could a signal that Israel will be invited to the second Bahrain conference in the fall which will deal with securing the sea lanes in the Gulf region. This is a continuation of the Warsaw Conference in February, to which Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited.

Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud) addressed the possibility of a confrontation between Israel and Iran over the reaction of the United States and Britain to Tehran's recent actions in the Persian Gulf, including the seizure of two British oil tankers.

Hanegbi said that over the last two years, Israel has "beaten the Iranians hundreds of times in Syria. Sometimes we admit it, and sometimes foreign publications expose it."

Minister Hanegbi added, "The Iranians are very limited in their responses, it's not because they do not have capabilities, it's because we are very firm about our national security."

"The Iranians have not retreated from the plans to establish themselves in Syria, and this campaign has not ended yet, but they know exactly who to not mess with and who can be upset," Hanegbi said.