Rafi Peretz capitulates: 'Conversion treatments - unacceptable'

'Conversion treatments unacceptable' writes Education Minister; 'They have right to find sympathetic ear among professionals.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Peretz capitulates
Peretz capitulates
Flash 90

Education Minister Rafi Peretz capitulated to media and political pressure and changed his position on same-sex attraction (SSA) conversion treatments this evening, saying that he opposes them and emphasizing that he never referred students to such treatments.

In a letter to Tel Aviv school principals, Peretz wrote: "I know that conversion treatments are unacceptable and severe, and I understand that this is an invasive treatment that is incompatible with the human psyche, causing patients more suffering than relief, even reaching the point of life-threatening suicide that could be prevented.

"However, it is the right of those who have same-sex orientation to seek a sympathetic ear and help from the professional bodies in a respectful and loving way, and that is what I intended in the interview," Peretz qualified.

According to the Kann News report, following attacks by the Left and gender disorientation organizations (GDOs) against the Education Minister, he decided to delve deeper into the subject and allow the GDOs to determine his opinion regarding conversion treatments.

Peretz's aides said that when he was asked in the interview on Saturday night whether conversion treatments were possible, he meant only psychological counseling or social workers, and not other techniques he was exposed to this week.