Temperatures to skyrocket across Israel

One-day heat wave expected to bring temperatures of up to 117 degrees Fahrenheit - and light rainfall.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Heat stroke
Heat stroke

Tuesday will be clear with a slight rise in temperatures, and Tuesday night will be warm and clear.

Temperatures will rise significantly on Wednesday, with the weather becoming hot and dry in most areas of Israel. The heat will be heavy to extreme, with Dead Sea, Arava, and Jordan Valley areas suffering the highest temperatures, between 45-47 degrees Celsius (113-116.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Temperatures will range between 40-42 (104-107.6) degrees in the lowlands, and settle around 37 (98)degrees in the mountains.

The heat will break gradually, beginning in southern Israel during the afternoon hours, with the weather cooling across Israel towards evening. Winds will pick up and there may be haze, especially in southern Israel.

Thursday will be partly cloudy or clear, and temperatures will drop significantly, becoming average for the season. During the morning hours, there may be light rainfall in northern Israel.

Friday will be partly cloudy or clear, with temperatures remaining at seasonal average.