Likud rips Blue & White for hiring ex-Obama strategist

'Have you gone crazy? Fire him!' New Likud ad campaign rails against Blue & White's new American strategist Joel Benenson.

Sara Rubenstein ,

Blue and White party leaders Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid
Blue and White party leaders Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid
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In a somber but dramatic tone, the video narrator lists the anti-Israel actions of Blue and White's new campaign strategist and implores the center-left party to fire him, in a new Likud campaign ad published on Friday.

"Meet the new strategist of Gantz and Lapid, Joel Benenson, a far-left politician in the United States," the narrator says on the Likud campaign video. "Let's go over his resume. He told Hillary Clinton to refrain from inviting Israel to public events. He was active in advancing the dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran. How does a man like this get work in Israel? Gantz and Lapid, fire him."

"Gantz and Lapid, have you gone crazy?" is written below the video, which was published on Prime Minister's Benjamin Netanyahu's Twitter account.

Blue and White announced earlier this week that they recruited Benenson as a campaign strategist with a focus on data analysis.

“Recruiting the services of American polling experts and strategic advisers isn’t a dramatic move,” Blue and White officials told Maariv, adding that “it was done primarily to take advantage of their immense poll analysis database and findings in the field.”

Benenson, 66, is known for serving as the political strategist for both of former President Barack Obama's campaigns as well as serving as the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton's failed campaign for president in 2016.

Benenson, who is Jewish, is the CEO of Benenson Strategy Group, a strategic consulting firm and has served as a strategist for many - mostly Democratic - political campaigns. He has also served as a consultant to large American corporations as well as CEOs.