Watch: How terror tunnel was uncovered

IDF continuing to investigate route of tunnel discovered during construction of underground barrier around Gaza border yesterday.

Gary Willig ,

inside the tunnel
inside the tunnel
IDF Spokesperson

The IDF released video Tuesday evening of how soldiers discovered the Hamas terror tunnel which was revealed yesterday.

IDF forces have been operating over the past 24 hours to investigate the route of the tunnel that was exposed Monday during construction work on the underground barrier along the Gaza Strip border.

According to the IDF, the tunnel route was part of an older tunnel.

The Eshkol Regional Council responded to the exposure of the tunnel of terror and said that "the tunnel was located because of the groundbreaking technological defenses that are being used along the Gaza border to protect our communities.

"The tunnel is not a threat and is being handled by the IDF. We thank IDF soldiers and officers who are determined and courageous in defending our communities," the council said.

18 attack tunnels have been discovered crossing under the border from Gaza into Israel since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.