Was daycare arsonist hired by parent of abused child?

Suspected teen arsonist may have been hired by a parent to set fire to home of daycare provider who abused 11 children.

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Firefighter (stock image)
Firefighter (stock image)

Israel Police are investigating the possibility that the 18-year-old suspected of setting fire to the home of a daycare provider was hired by a parent who previously sent a child to the daycare, Israel Hayom reported.

The daycare provider, 25-year-old Carmel Mauda of Rosh Ha'ayin, is suspected of severely abusing children in her care.

The arson suspect, an 18-year-old from Karmei Shomron, has been charged in the past with arson and is known to the police due to previous property crimes, Israel Hayom noted. Investigators have security footage of him near the home at the time of the arson, and have pinpointed where he was via telephone. However, the suspect has denied all connection to the incident.

The arson suspect's arrest has been extended to Sunday.

Israel Hayom quoted police representative Oscar Kirgiz, who said: "We have video clips from security cameras in which he can be seen before and after the event. We also have his phone location at the scene. There are another few people who were investigated in this matter and their testimonies support the suspicions against him. We also have other proofs."

The site also quoted the suspect's lawyer, attorney Ro'ee Lang, a public defense attorney, who said the police officers hit the suspect, causing bruises. As a result, judge Ophir Katavii-Rivlin ordered the bruises to be recorded and sent to department for the investigation of police officers. She also ordered that the suspect's name and photo not be published. "The suspect denies all connection to the incident. He has no connection to the daycare or to the daycare provider. I hope he is released on Wednesday," he said.

After the daycare provider's home went up in flames on Saturday, it was found that several gas balloons had been in the flames, and fortunately had not exploded.