Daycare provider indicted for abusing young children

Rosh Ha'ayin daycare worker accused of attacking 11 infants and toddlers by covering heads with blanket, tying hands, shaking and whipping.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Child abuse
Child abuse
Police Spokesperson

The Central District Attorney's Office filed an indictment with the Lod District Court on Sunday against Carmel Mauda, the 25-year-old daycare provider who was arrested on suspicion of abusing toddlers in her home.

The indictment includes 18 charges for offenses of abuse of a minor or helpless person and assaulting a minor or helpless person.

According to the indictment, Mauda was the owner and manager of the "Baby Love" daycare in Rosh Ha'ayin, for infants and toddlers between the ages of 3 months and 3 years.

During this period, on numerous occasions during her work in the daycare, she attacked 11 infants and toddlers in the daycare by covering the children's heads with a blanket and sitting on them to prevent movement; tying a minor’s hands using string for minutes to hours; picking up minors by forcefully grasping the arm; swinging them in the air and throwing them onto the floor; shaking babies; placing toddlers facing the wall, sometimes for several hours; whipping the minors with a diaper, slapping them, pinching and pulling toddlers' heads back, blocking their noses and mouths until breathing difficulties arose. In one case she forced a minor to eat the contents of a plate into which he vomited.

In the request to detain Mauda until the end of proceedings it was written, "The Respondent's actions establish grounds for detention ... since there is reasonable grounds to fear that the respondent will endanger the public's security, in view of the large number of minors injured, the multiplicity of incidents, and the systematic abuse exposed in four cameras almost daily for a considerable period of about three weeks.”

"The respondent's dangerousness is reinforced by the fact that the respondent harmed infants and toddlers, some of whom had no linguistic ability at all, and some of them in the initial stages of linguistic development, who are unable to tell and seek help from their parents while those who maintain their physical and mental well-being repeatedly harm them. In addition, it is not possible to give the respondent trust, since she exploited the trust of the parents who deposited in her hands, so to speak, that which is most precious to them."