Watch: New 'Donald Trump Square' in Israel

Square inaugurated in central Israeli city of Petah Tikva, in honor of Trump's acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Yoni Kempinski,

Donald Trump Square
Donald Trump Square
Yoni Kempinski

A city square on Petah Tikva's Haim Ozer street, the main drag on which City Hall is also located, was renamed "Donald Trump Square" in a festive ceremony on Wednesday night.

The inauguration saw the participation of Foreign Minister Haim Katz, Economics Minister Eli Cohen and Petah Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg.

"There has never been such a sympathetic and supportive president as US President Donald Trump," Greenberg said. "We value and appreciate his support for the State of Israel and its citizens, and it is fitting that a central square in the fourth largest city in the State of Israel be named after him."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent a letter to Mayor Greenberg in support of the decision.

"President Trump is a true friend of the State of Israel. During his tenure, he has demonstrated uncompromising commitment to ensuring our security and our future - standing firm against the Iranian threat, the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem and recognition of Israel's sovereignty."

"The fact that President Trump is being honored in Petah Tikvah is of great importance: The establishment of Petah Tikva, the mother of the moshavot, in 1878, is considered a pioneering act that paved the way for the redemption of the land. The founders of the colony knew many difficulties, but they did not give up. And their stubbornness paid off - as the years passed Petah Tikva established itself Its status as a city and mother in Israel, whose development has not stopped."

Donald Trump Square (Credit: Yoni Kempinski)