Kushner: PA made a foolish & strategic mistake

Jared Kushner to journalists: No economic plan before the political plan. Next stage will be announced next week.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jared Kushner
Jared Kushner

In a phone briefing with Israeli and Arab journalists special advisory & Son-in-Law to US President Donald Trump said that the next step following the Bahrain conference will be announced next week.

In addition, he made clear that: "No plans for economic investments will be implemented before the implementation of a political plan"

"The president was very clear that he wants a solution to this issue and made it clear that he would work hard for that, but the Palestinian leadership will have to enlist and show that it is interested in a better life for the citizens," Kushner said.

Kushner noted that the economic plan presented at the conference has been “widely praised as comprehensive.” He added that the US efforts have “definitely started a discussion in the Arab world” about Israel’s place in the region.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in the Middle East in acceptance of Israel as a country,” he asserted

“Palestinians are starting to see that Israel is not responsible for their problems, it’s their leaders,” he added.

Kushner blasted PA leadership for boycotting the Bahrain conference. “They made a strategic mistake by not engaging on this, they looked very foolish.”

He added that “The Palestinian leadership will have to step up at some point and show that they want their people to live better lives.”

He did, however, note in response to a question from an Arab journalist about the US perception of Abbas and PA leadership, “I have a lot of respect for President Abbas, he’s devoted his life to making peace, he’s suffered some setbacks along the way. I believe in his heart he wants to make peace, and that we can give him an opportunity to try to achieve that.” He slammed as unconstructive the approach of "certain people around" Abbas who "aren't comfortable" with the American proposals and constantly attack them.

When asked about the "Palestinian refugees" he noted that those issues will be dealt with in the deal, however he chose to emphasize that there were thousands of Jewish refugees throughout the generations but they were absorbed by countries, while the Arab refugees weren't, and that's what brought to the situation today.