Trump: Look forward to seeing Kim again soon

US President says meeting with North Korean leader was “great”.

Elad Benari ,

Trump and Kim
Trump and Kim

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was “great” and added that he looked forward to meeting him again.

“It was great being with Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea this weekend. We had a great meeting, he looked really well and very healthy - I look forward to seeing him again soon,” tweeted Trump.

“In the meantime, our teams will be meeting to work on some solutions to very long term and persistent problems. No rush, but I am sure we will ultimately get there!” he added.

Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met on Sunday with Kim at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

Trump downplayed the significance of the meeting, saying that it would be "short" and "virtually a handshake, but that’s OK. A handshake means a lot.”

During the meeting, Trump invited Kim to the White House, CNN reported.

Nuclear talks between the US and North Korea broke down after the failed summit between Kim and Trump in February in Vietnam.

Trump abruptly ended the summit with Kim in the capital of Vietnam, explaining that, while "we had a productive time," no deal was signed.

He said at the time that Kim had asked for total removal of sanctions before denuclearization, something to which the US could not agree.

A senior official in Washington said in March that the US still believes the "fully verified denuclearization" of North Korea is possible by the end of Trump's first term.

Trump, for his part, indicated recently that he is “in no rush” to make a deal with North Korea to get it to dismantle its nuclear weapons program, though he touted what he called his positive relationship with Kim.