Plane safely makes emergency landing at Ben Gurion Airport

Emergency forces at scene as plane lands after losing part of its wheel at German airport runway.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The plane at Ben-Gurion Airport
The plane at Ben-Gurion Airport
IAA spokesperson

An emergency was declared at Ben Gurion Airport after a plane tire blew out upon its launch. The plane landed safely.

The plane, an Electra Airways Boeing 737-400 experienced the malfunction upon takeoff from the airport in Cologne, Germany. 152 passengers and crew were aboard. The plane landed shortly after 4 PM.

The alert level at Ben-Gurion Airport was raised to level 3 after the remains of one of the wheels of the plane were found on the runway in Germany, and all flights were diverted to land at Ramon Airport.

Magen David Adom teams, officers, firefighters and paramedics were rushed to the airport from Gush Dan to secure the landing of the plane, and ambulances and intensive care ambulances were making their way to Ben-Gurion Airport before the plane landed.

It is still unclear how much damage the plane has sustained.