Economic blow to PA:
Finance Ministry must compensate tortured Israeli collaborators

Israel must compensate NIS 14 million to 52 Arab collaborators with Israel arrested by PA security forces; monies to be withheld from PA.

Mordechai Sones ,


The Execution Office Registrar, who holds the authority of a judge, ruled that the Israeli Finance Ministry must award a compensation fee of NIS 14 million to 52 Palestinian Authority collaborators with Israel who had been arrested and tortured by the PA security forces.

The forfeiture will be carried out following the Supreme Court's rejection last November of the Palestinian Authority's request to delay the execution of a NIS 14 million foreclosure for the collaborators' claim.

In April 2017, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the Palestinian Authority tortured 52 collaborators with Israel. In the 1,800-page verdict, Judge Drori described the atrocities, including harsh torture, rape, organ harvesting, and even murder. At the request of the Plaintiffs' attorneys, the judgment was split: the money in question is NIS 13.2 million for the days spent in "false confinement", and the rest of the compensation will be awarded to the collaborators, each according to the conditions in which he was imprisoned and according to the torture he underwent.

Attorneys Aryeh Arbus and Barak Kedem, partners in the law firm Arbus, Kedem, & Tzur representing the Plaintiffs, said in response: "We welcome the late and partial justice that was done with the collaborators, who paid with their freedom and their very organs for our safety. We regret that we've been forced to conduct long and difficult collection procedures against the State to withhold and pay the PA collaborators from PA tax money. We hope this decision will be implemented within a reasonable time by the State."