Jewish charity targeted by online harassment campaign

Arab users targeting Israeli Jewish charity succeed in forcing closure of charity's Facebook page for phony 'abuse' reports.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


An online bullying campaign targeting an Israeli Jewish charity site scored a major win recently, when Facebook shuttered the charity’s page, following a wave of reports claiming the charity page had “abusive” content.

According to Breaking Israel News, hundreds of Arab social media users have engaged in a concerted effort to shut down the Karmey Chesed charity organization’s Facebook page.

The charity, run by Aryeh Weingarten, distributes food, arranges for emergency housing, helps needy families cover utility bills, distributes used furniture and appliances, and gives aid to IDF soldiers.

While the charity has avoided politics, Karmey Chesed has become the target of an online campaign to ban it from social media platforms.

Recently, Facebook shuttered Karmey Chesed’s page on the social media giant, citing complaints that the page contained “abusive” content. Weingarten received no response when he appealed to Facebook to overturn or even explain the basis for its decision.

“It only takes a few hundred enemies of Israel to send a complaint to Facebook and my entire organization suffers,” Weingarten said.

Weingarten noted that the page contained nothing relating to Arabs or any material of a political nature, suggesting that the charity has been targeted only for its support of Israeli soldiers.

“My funds do not go to helping the IDF in its military role. I help soldiers with their personal needs in a stressful period in their lives. But because of the photos of IDF soldiers, I was targeted by Arabs,” said Weingarten, noting that the charity had been targeted in the past.

Six years ago, anti-Israel hackers broke into the charity’s website, uploading images in support of terrorist organizations.