Rabbi Peretz: The goal - 12 seats

Jewish Home's central cmte decides list for coming elections will be identical to last election's list. 'We won't be divided again.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Jewish Home Central Committee
Jewish Home Central Committee
Hezki Baruch

Members of the Jewish Home Central Committee decided that the party's list in the elections for the 22nd Knesset would be identical to the current list that ran in the last elections.

The party's central committee also confirmed that if it was decided to merge with additional lists, the matter would be submitted to the central committee for approval within 48 hours.

The Chairman of the Jewish Home, MK Rabbi Rafi Peretz, said that talks with potential partners for unification of the camp would begin tomorrow.

"I am telling you this evening clearly - we will make every effort so that religious Zionism will not be divided again," Peretz said. “This evening, the Jewish Home under my leadership is calling to unite the ranks in order to establish a strong and stable right-wing government.”

"From tomorrow morning we will convene until everyone knows his place under the stretcher. We are embarking on a journey of unity and connection. Carrying together the stretcher that will bring religious Zionism in unity on the way to the destination of 12 seats,” he added.

Rabbi Peretz related, "Before I was a commander and a pilot, I was first of all an educator who chose to engage in education out of the belief that this is the way to connect worlds. this is the way to open up opportunities for self-realization based on the values ​​of love for one’s fellow, love of the People and the Land. We will proudly raise the flags of religious Zionism. The love of Torah, the love of the People and the Land, and full trust in the State of Israel, the beginning of the flowering of our redemption.”