Israeli media personalities look to share message with US Jews

Sivan Rahav Meir and Yedidya Meir 'excited' to be World Mizrachi’s new emissaries in North America.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Sivan Rahav Meir
Sivan Rahav Meir
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Television newscaster Sivan Rahav Meir and radio personality, Yedidya Meir, will go to North America in August as shlichim (emissaries) of World Mizrachi, the organization announced.

World Mizrachi aims to "inspire people with a sense of commitment to the Torah, the Jewish people, and the Land of Israel."

Based in New York and travelling across North America, Sivan and Yedidya will teach, lecture, and serve as scholars in residence, spreading the message and inspiring people around the world.

Sivan Rahav Meir’s popular weekly talk will also move to North America, to be presented at Yeshiva University's Stern College for Women, in Hebrew and English, and will be broadcast live around the world.

Rabbi Doron Perez, Chief Executive of World Mizrachi, said: "This shlichut is great news! Sivan and Yedidya will give a full year of their lives to North American Jewry. They understand the importance of the task at hand and we believe that they will bring many people to a much deeper connection to Judaism and Israel."

Yedidya and Sivan Rahav Meir said: "We thank World Mizrachi for this exciting and challenging idea, and for the privilege to go on shlichut. In recent years, we have been exposed to Diaspora Jewry through our lectures there, and we felt that it was possible to create even more meaningful connections. We are excited to meet our sisters and brothers who we have not yet encountered."